Carmen Corchado - Muay Thai & Me: Episode 6

Carmen Corchado - Muay Thai & Me: Episode 6

EP6: Carmen Corchado | Kings Thai Boxing

The incredible journeys and unwavering dedication of world-class Muay Thai practitioners have inspired RSLNT, and the company is proud to present "Muay Thai & Me," a video series based on their lives. Viewers get an inside look at the lives of people from all walks of life who study the "Art of Eight Limbs," from novices to masters. Find out how Muay Thai has impacted the lives of these fighters who have overcome incredible odds to pursue their passion.

In this 6th video from RSLNT's Muay Thai & Me series, Carmen Corchado, a Muay Thai fighter from Bushwick, Brooklyn, shares her journey and passion for the sport. Carmen always felt a desire to do what her brothers did and at the age of 10, she decided to learn how to fight and protect herself. Despite her initial intentions, Carmen became hooked on fighting and continued to compete consistently. She talks about the importance of preparation and facing her fear, as well as how her love for her family motivates her to continue the sport and solidify their name as a respected fight family.

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