About Us

Welcome to RSLNT Fight Wear, your ticket to the exhilarating world of Muay Thai! We are a vibrant clothing brand with a heartfelt mission, nestled in the concrete jungle of New York City. Our passion is not only for creating high-quality apparel but also for uniting our global community.

We debuted during one of the world's most bizarre periods—the early months of 2020. Driven by a dream to provide quality fight gear to the world of combat sports, we also wanted to deck our friends out in our creations and have a good time doing it.

As we represent the grit and determination of the fight game, our brand thrives on elevating your style, both inside and outside the ring. Whether you kick, clinch, or strike, our meticulously designed gear is dedicated to improving your performance and pushing your limits. RSLNT equips you to experience the true essence of combat sports.

But we're more than just a fight wear company. We are proud storytellers and advocates for the extraordinary people who make up this resilient community. We're here to shed light on every incredible story, from passionate fighters honing their craft to mesmerizing athletes winning big and small battles.

We not only thrive in the heart of New York City but also sail across the oceans to serve those who are devoted to their sport. We relentlessly ship our creations to every corner of the United States and beyond, weaving a tapestry of warriors united by one universal language: Muay Thai.

And don't forget about our unwavering support for the fight game's unsung heroes. RSLNT works alongside athletes, fighters, promotions, and champions to help them achieve their goals and overcome obstacles. The satisfaction of seeing your development both inside and outside of the ring fuels us, so we are constantly seeking ways to improve our clothing and gear to better serve you.

So, whether you're a seasoned athlete or a newcomer, become a part of a movement that extends beyond the threads we weave. RSLNT is here to amplify your passion, connect you with like-minded individuals, and celebrate every hard-earned victory and heartfelt story that comes from the world of Muay Thai.

Since our start, we have grown exponentially, and we have only our loyal customers to thank. We have shipped to nearly all 50 states and to multiple countries around the world, and we are so excited to see a new friend tag us online with their fresh gear. This is still only the start for us, but we thank you for checking us out and hope to catch you at a fight show soon!


- Eric & Aom
RSLNT Fight Wear