Dillan Joucoo - Muay Thai & Me Episode: 3

Dillan Joucoo - Muay Thai & Me Episode: 3

EP3: Dillan Joucoo | Five Points Academy

RSLNT is pleased to present "Muay Thai & Me," an inspiring video series in which world-class Muay Thai practitioners talk about their incredible journeys and their unwavering commitment to the sport. Every new episode gives viewers a fresh perspective on the lives of those who study the "Art of Eight Limbs," from complete beginners to seasoned experts. Find out what these athletes have gone through to become where they are today and how Muay Thai has impacted their lives.

In this 3rd episode of RSLNT's Muay Thai & Me series, we meet Dillan Joucoo, a dedicated Muay Thai practitioner who has been training for nine years. Dillan shares his initial fears and insecurities about competing in the sport, not because of his opponents, but due to the pressure of losing in front of his loved ones. However, this doubt and negativity fueled a fire in him to prove everyone wrong. Dillan's ultimate motivation became showing his kids the importance of working hard and not expecting success to be handed to you.

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