John Esposito - Muay Thai & Me: Episode 11

On December 20th, 2021, John Esposito was working on a highway construction crew. While standing in front of a trailer, a car careened into the work area. It slammed into John and pinned him against the trailer, instantly and irrevocably changing his life. Lucky to survive it, John underwent multiple surgeries and had both legs amputated above the knees.
Not one to be deterred, John returned to the gym six months later and has continued to be a source of inspiration to everyone he meets. John is the guy who people love talking to. His natural warm, and welcoming presence extends to every newcomer in the gym. His laid-back, pleasant nature was only put on hold during his ferocious ring performances.
His goal is to pay it forward and contribute to the next generation, which has been our The Muay Thai Project's goal since day one. Fighting is the loneliest sport in the world, but we’re letting our brother know that he isn’t alone on his journey. We’re all in his corner.

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