Kru Natalie Fuz - Muay Thai & Me: Episode 10

Kru Natalie Fuz - Muay Thai & Me: Episode 10

EP10: Natalie Fuz | Chok Sabai

RSLNT is proud to present "Muay Thai & Me," a video series documenting the incredible journeys and unwavering dedication of world-class Muay Thai practitioners. From beginners to masters of the "Art of Eight Limbs," this video series features people of all ages and backgrounds who practice the "Art of Eight Limbs." Learn how Muay Thai has influenced these fighters who have overcome adversity in order to pursue their passion.

In this 10th episode of RSLNT's Muay Thai & Me series, Kru Nat, also known as Natalie or Nat, shares her journey in the world of Muay Thai. As both an amateur and professional fighter, she fell in love with the sport and knew she wanted to teach others. Teaching Muay Thai has been incredibly fulfilling for Kru Nat, as she has seen her students go from knowing nothing about the sport to becoming skilled fighters who truly understand the beauty of Muay Thai. She reflects on the success of her gym, Chok Sabai, and how it has created a strong community of fighters and friends who will continue to support and inspire each other.

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