Rob Gonzalez - Muay Thai & Me Episode: 1

Rob Gonzalez - Muay Thai & Me Episode: 1

EP1: Rob Gonzalez | The Wat NYC

RSLNT presents "Muay Thai & Me," an inspiring video series where we delve deep into the hearts and minds of talented fighters and athletes as they share their extraordinary stories and unwavering dedication to Muay Thai. Each episode provides a unique glimpse into the lives of those who devote themselves to the "Art of Eight Limbs," from novice enthusiasts to seasoned professionals. Discover these athletes’ trials and triumphs, sacrifices and rewards, and the transformative power of Muay Thai.

Episode 1 features Rob Gonzalez, a Muay Thai fighter from NYC, as he shares his enthusiasm for the sport. Gonzalez was initially inspired to train at the Wat after seeing multiple-time Muay Thai World Champion Phil Nurse's highlight reel. With more than ten years of fighting experience behind him, Gonzalez thrives on hearing the energy and support from the crowd once he's in the ring. Whether he wins or loses, his goal is always to perform and amaze the audience.

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