Theresa K & Janice G - Muay Thai & Me Episode: 2

Theresa K & Janice G - Muay Thai & Me Episode: 2

EP2: Theresa & Janice | Chok Sabai

RSLNT is proud to present "Muay Thai & Me," an uplifting video series in which talented fighters and athletes share their extraordinary backstories and unwavering dedication to the art of Muay Thai. Each episode provides a new look into the lives of those who practice the "Art of Eight Limbs," from newcomers to seasoned veterans. Learn about the sacrifices and rewards of these athletes, as well as how Muay Thai has changed their lives.

In this 2nd episode of RSLNT's Muay Thai & Me series, Theresa and Janice share their love for Muay Thai and the close-knit community they have found at Chok Sabai. They explain how they became friends and the peer pressure they use to motivate each other, like calling Janice to wake her up for early morning sparring sessions. They also discuss the importance of finding the right gym and training partners, and their desire to support and be there for each other throughout their Muay Thai journey.

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