Black Lives Matter Charity Raffle

Thank you to everyone who contributed to our raffle event! All donations were 100% matched by us, and together, we raised the following:⁣

The Trevor Project = $140⁣
BLM National Fund = $120⁣
Black Visions Collective = $340⁣

Our winners for the raffle are⁣
1st Place: Luisa L.⁣
2nd Place: Zachary B.⁣
3rd Place: Theresa K. ⁣

Special thanks to Kathy L. for helping to organize this. Thank you to those who shared our post. And more importantly, thank you to those who are out there on the front lines making sure our voices are heard. ⁣

We are excited for the amount of support the Black Lives Matter movement has gathered over the last few weeks and that we are starting to see measurable progress. There is still a very long way to go, but the fight for equality is one we cannot afford to give up on.⁣

If you would still like to help, please consider donating to the organizations below.


RSLNT Fight Wear