RSLNT Elbow Pads
RSLNT Elbow Pads
RSLNT Elbow Pads
RSLNT Elbow Pads
RSLNT Elbow Pads
RSLNT Elbow Pads
RSLNT Elbow Pads
RSLNT Elbow Pads
RSLNT Elbow Pads
RSLNT Elbow Pads

RSLNT Elbow Pads

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Throw 'dem 'bows! Our RSLNT Elbow Pads are for intermediate/advanced fighters to safely practice elbows while protecting both you, and your partner. Made of a cotton/spandex blend that allows a snug and comfortable fit, and protective padding shaped to fit the bend of your elbow. Train safely and in style! 


  • RSLNT woven label & Velcro closure on strap
  • 80% Cotton, 20% Spandex
  • R logo heat pressed
  • Round cutout for circulation on inside of elbow bend
  • Machine wash with like colors, dry flat or hang to dry


Train Safely

Elbows in training should not be thrown with power. As one of the sharpest weapons, even with protection on, it is possible to seriously injure your partners. Please consult with your coach first if you have not trained or sparred with elbows before.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Brendon Shoemaker (Madison, US)
A good product but has a flaw

The good first:
I ordered a L/XL which will fit my arms well, and there is enough padding to keep them over the elbow in case they roll up or down. I like the strap to keep the velcro strap secured. They also look really sharp.

The bad:
The hook & loop tore off the first time I pulled the strap to try them on. Looking closer it appears there was only one layer of thread added to secure the velcro to the pad. This should be double stitched at minimum and the corners tucked to avoid this. I have somebody that can sew this back on but this should happen at manufacturing. The padding is also a little on the thin side compared to the knee pads.


Great fit!

Alma Vicencio (Brooklyn, US)
Love my gear!

Love everything I ordered!!! RSLNT stuff is looks great and feels good!


Fits great feels great

Erik S (Jersey City, US)
Really really great! Almost 5 stars.

For sizing I got the L/XL. I measured diameter of upper arm (about 4” above elbow) & I’m about 12.5” The S/M felt a little bit restrictive in terms of elbow flexion & though I’m sure they would’ve softened/stretched I chose the L/XL because they offered more surface area coverage around the elbow & to me feel safer considering how the differing elbow strikes land with slightly different points on your elbow.

The reasons I gave 4 instead of 5 stars are that:
1) I dont like the loop as no matter which arm you put the pad on there is a slight slight chance of hooking a finger/thumb when you use small mma style gloves
2) The velcro on the strap is VERY strong & if it touches the fabric of the pad (especially anywhere at a seam) it pulls threads loose.

That said, these seem really great & safe!

Hi Erik! Thank you for your review. We are glad that you enjoy the Elbow Pads and we appreciate your insight.

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